Commitment to the skill set builds trust...

It’s daily use of the PoI approach for a Melbourne CFO

“Power of Influence? I use it every day” says Fred Meuwly, Chief Finance Officer at a Melbourne based agribusiness company and a Power of Influence (PoI) participant who has gone on to apply the course approach to good effect.


Fred advises that to get the most out of the Influence Mastery course the participant needs to first commit to the group approach then the PoI skills development process itself. “The group approach was an important element for the success of the course and was instrumental in building a safe and trusting working relationship amongst the members.”

“In my group the trust level was high and the degree to which we worked to develop our own skills and support each other through the process was very close.”


Fred has committed to applying the influencing skills learnt from the course and has found that with constant use of the PoI persuasion method, your co-workers, colleagues and subordinates who engage with you professionally, will learn that your focus is targeted on resolving the subject at hand.

‘The more you apply the skill set, the more your stakeholders understand your approach, which builds trust, and trust is critical to effective working relationships’ says Fred. Ultimately if people can trust you, this takes pressure off the meeting.

“It’s amazing the extent of the collaboration you can receive from all levels of co-workers and management when they understand that you really want to find the solution (to their problem).”

On Track

“Applying the PoI skill set is critical to ensuring these meetings are effective, I always have my PoI checklist with me when meeting and refer to it to make sure I apply the skill set properly, a few minutes before key meetings.”

“Everybody is busy in this day and age and it’s easy for people to get distracted and lose focus on the business at hand. According to Fred, “the decision makers I work with have their focus stretched across complex & urgent issues within and external to the business. By applying the PoI approach I find I am able to support the meeting’s focus on the subject“.


Fred also maintains that the PoI method and preparation has proved effective when managing others. “Using the PoI approach to focus on the key questions I was seeking answers to, I found I was better able to understand their motivations.”

“I now ensure I use the technique especially with managing for optimum performance levels. I recommend that at the very least meeting attendees should adhere to the following broad principles in order to achieve success;

  • Keep your objective achievable,

  • Think ahead on your common ground,

  • Be sure your issue is mutually agreed before leaving.”

Fred uses the Influencing Skills he developed with the PoI course every day: “Every meeting is an opportunity to influence those you work with, to get things done and/or raise awareness of important business issues.”

Fred Meuwly

Chief Finance Officer


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