Don't Forget the 80/20 rule

The Power of Influence' - Influence Mastery experience helped me develop and practice my influencing skills,’ says PoI course participant Liz Waldock, currently a senior HR professional for an online services company. “It was a really positive environment for learning and receiving feedback from an expert coach and a respectful and supportive group.”

“I will always remember my PoI workshop group, the collaborative environment and everybody’s focus on improvement. We were able to help each other improve our influencing capability through honest and supportive feedback.”

“In today’s workplace effective Influencing is critical. No matter your level of seniority you must be able to properly deliver your message and get others to understand your position/point of view. You also need to pay attention to understanding their issues as well. Anything less may inhibit your success in your role."

“Usually professionals face numerous engagement opportunities in the course of a working week. The power of Influence course taught me to plan ahead and ask myself, ‘What is the opportunity to influence here?’ ‘How do I properly put my issue on the table to the best effect? ‘ What do I want people to take away? What will they retain from me when they walk away from this meeting? “

The power of Influence course is built on a practical and pragmatic understanding of today’s work environment. Most people are under time pressure at work and may only take away a few elements from any given meeting. The course ensures that when you meet with others for a purpose you are fully prepared and can deliver your message clearly.

Using the power of Influence techniques can be a big advantage says Liz. “Specific techniques are broken down and focused on:

  • The process provides the time required to work on the skills within the group

  • Practicing the skills in the real world helps develop and master new skills

  • Mentoring and group environment holds the members accountable for individual progress.”

“In particular, the mentoring through the real world exchanges in your own workplace means you get the most out of the course and the process becomes part of how you operate as a professional. "

Liz’s personal tip for those facing influencing challenges is to leave ‘the door open’ for contributions from others you engage. “Consultation is an important communication tool, if you’re meeting someone equipped with what you believe to be a 100% of the solution this means you’re directing not consulting with them. I’ve adopted an open style to achieve a balance in work conversations,” says Liz.

“I operate on an 80/20 rule, the 80% reflects my position and issues I will raise in a meeting. The 20% reflects my expectations of responses and or position provided by those I’m meeting with. In other words, I keep an open mind for ideas, information and/or updates, which may be important to my position. Any exchange is always a two-way street, I have found through experience that a better result can be achieved if you expect and are prepared for input from others in a meeting.”

The power of Influence course provided an excellent environment for self-improvement where influencing is concerned. The workshop format provided a host of advantages;

  • Meeting professionals from differing organizational cultures other than your own.

  • Engaging with and reaping the benefit of differing points of view and ways of doing things.

  • Enjoying group support while testing and improving influencing skills

  • Accepting individual accountability to contribute to the group in its supportive workshop environment

  • Gaining the benefit from group members working towards the same goal for themselves and each other, better influencing ability.

Liz Waldock is 'Head of Talent' at which is Australia's first and largest online Bookmaker.

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