Go ahead, engage, but make sure you prepare…..

At first glance you might think that The Power of Influence – Influence Mastery program is only concerned with face to face communication. Previous course participant John Newman tells us that 'The Power of Influence' approach can also be effective for a more detached style of engagement.

Undertaking the “The power of influence (PoI) course had a positive impact on my career,” says John Newman, regional Director of HR Operations for a multinational corporation involved in the FMCG production chain. “The PoI course came along at just the right time and enabled me to apply professional engagement more effectively. “

John is responsible for the broader HR function for the region in managing specialists across functions including: pay roll, industrial relations, recruitment, workers compensation, organisational change, organisational development, local acquisitions, restructuring and outsourced labour contracts. As a senior human resources leader responsible for the HR function across the ANZJK region, John regards effective communication as critical on a day to day basis.

“The PoI course is one that anyone of any age or stage would benefit from because its focus is on making the individual engage more effectively.” The level of communication effectiveness required in this environment is not something that will come from on the job experience alone.”

Although face to face engagement is still the best opportunity to be effective, there is a great deal of time spent communicating on a ‘dial in’ basis within a multinational organisation. ‘You simply must communicate well on these occasions if you are to succeed in a global environment’, John maintains.

“These meetings can run for hours at a time they may well have up to 30 callers dialling in from across the global business. Subsequently individual callers may get as little as 10 minutes air time each with which to raise important issues affecting their function or region.”

“Preparation is key. Not just for my own performance but for engaging my internal stakeholders outside of these calls. All the meeting preparation completed beforehand can make an important contribution to the desired end result.”

John recommends preparation as the key to successful communication and the PoI course checklist enables;

  • Clear organisation of your thoughts

  • Identify and prioritise your argument (and what my fall back position will be)

  • Focus on what should be included and,

  • That which should be excluded

“For many of the callers on the line English is their second language so it’s doubly important to be clear and concise. I’ve always found the best way to achieve this it is to use the PoI persuasion checklist.”

Using the influence skills obtained from the PoI course enables you to:

  • Engage stakeholders to understand your position

  • Seek and obtain their cooperation on the matter

  • Address their thinking on the issue

  • Focus on the necessary preparation beforehand in order to deal effectively with responses and potentially reach a stronger position

John says, “This is also true when you have the challenge of communicating and influencing senior global executives, you find out very quickly that they have at least one thing in common, a lack of available time. In order to engage senior people and win their support, you must communicate with them effectively, be clear and correct in your delivery and also deal effectively with objections. Anything less than this result can leave senior people with disappointment, a negative on anybody’s career.”


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