Past Participant Comments

"Fantastic program. Great for building confidence around dealing with people. The process creates subtle shifts in behaviour that can have enormous effects on confidence, business outcomes and how people see you."


"The course allows for improvement due to the immediate feedback that is given" 


"The power of Influencedevelopment process has improved the perception of my capability across the business"

“I found the feedback in the group forum and the honesty of the feedback most beneficial”


“The power of Influence program has literally put my career on fast forward. Within months of completing the program I was promoted into a General Management role. The program has given me the tools and a new frame of reference to effectively influence in both professional and personal situations.”
Jeff Woolcock, National Operations Manager
Trading Post 2006



PoI participant Allison Shevlin, Director - Human Resources at Simplot Australia recounts her experience with the PoI course when Group Manager HR at Sensis in 2008.


"The program has changed the way I approach 'one on one' encounters in my day to day activities" 


"The personal challenge of having to prepare for situations and rehearse them at our sessions was most beneficial to me"

“The format with people from other companies is excellent and our varying backgrounds made the course and feedback very rich.”   


“The power of Influence development process has opened up new possibilities for my continuing career development.  The program initiated changes in my approach to influencing others. I am now more aware of others' needs and objectives."

“The power of Influence 'facilitated' development process is both subtle and yet intensely powerful! I have done a number of leadership and professional effectiveness training programs over the years but none have had such impact on me or have provided a better sustained 'return' on my working relationships and success.
The program allows you to specifically target individuals you wish to work with more effectively and then encourages you to examine your influencing style. You then begin to discover ways you can approach these interactions differently so that you can produce better outcomes. Because the program is based on 'real-life' relationships and situations, you are able to prepare 'just in time', receive feedback and really see changes in your approach and more importantly in your end result!

I have experienced powerful changes in my personal communication style and effectiveness that have significantly impacted my working relationships with my managers, stakeholders and peers. As a result of my own experience, I have since sponsored some of my management team members who have also been able to significantly improve their confidence, effectiveness and results through the program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to build positive working relationships, and to anyone whose success is dependent on the cooperation and support of others."

Narelle Wilson, Operations Training & Development Manager
Sensis 2009


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Influence Mastery development process. In the course of practicing and workshopping real life scenario’s I have become blatantly aware of the many opportunities to improve habits that made up my daily communication with peers and managers. As much as it is a guide to successful negotiation, it also enables critical and objective self awareness. Influence Mastery provides a solid foundation that can be readily interpreted yet is challenging to implement and master. I am finding the slow and patient road to mastery, very rewarding.” 


Danny Schoenmaker, Field Manager
GlaxoSmithKline    2010



Hamish Riddell, Managing Director at Kumbayah talks about the The power of Influence development process through his participant experience when Group Manager Learning and Development at Sensis in 2008

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""The power of Influencedevelopment process has improved the perception of my capability across the business"


“The power of Influence development process was great because I could see and feel the change over time" 

"The program has helped me shift my mindset when working with others from 'I must win' to 'How can we both win'.



"The informality of the group and the ability to practice upcoming events was excellent"

“I found The power of Influence development process very beneficial. It will have a positive impact on my career”



"The power of influence development process was valuable and had a positive impact on my ability to engage with people and influence outcomes to achieve performance objectives. The principles for successful influencing that were presented and practiced during the course continue to deliver ongoing benefits when applied to key meetings as well as everyday situations."

Blair Sands
Principal Adviser - Environment
Rio Tinto Limited 2009

"The power of Influence development process taught me as much about myself as it did about negotiation and influence. Having a better understanding of myself has really helped in refining my approach to all important conversations - be they a quick phone call or an annual contract negotiation. The skills learned through The power of Influence have become an invaluable part of my day to day work."

Rohan Kile, Crop Supply Manager
GlaxoSmithKline 2009

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