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Executives and Division Managers understand how valuable influencing skills are for their direct reports to gain the cooperation of others and get things done. They often talk about the confidence they gain in their staff as a result of The power of Influence course development experience.  PoI Course options are listed below,

Influence Mastery 



Influence Mastery is a 6 month Premium Coaching process which provides accelerated learning for established leaders, emerging leaders, high potential staff experienced managers, senior technical managers, talented individuals, change managers and project managers.


Influence Mastery typically involves 3 sponsor meetings and 7 workshops in a small group, conducted over 6 months. Usually each group consists of 4 course particpants from different organisations.

Successful Project influence


This course is a 6 month Influence Mastery Premium Coaching process for Project Teams of 6-20 members, equipping them with influence, communications, collaboration and negotiating skills and providing opportunity to resolve project specific issues to achieve successful project team outcomes.


Successful Project Influence involves 8 half day workshops with the project team, conducted over 6 months. Initial workshops covering the approach, theory and tools can be run with the total project team including including the Project Manager, the Client, Contractors and Sub-contractors.


Subsequent workshops where participants prepare for upcoming influencing events and difficult conversations are run in small groups (up to 5) with project team members. Under a project alliance structure there is opportunity to involve all parties in these small group workshops.

Influence Mastery Peer Group



Influence Mastery Peer Group is the 6 month Premium Coaching process for an internal group of up to 5 key staff, which also provides the opportunity for peer learning and building critical Communication and Influence skills.  


Influence Mastery involves at least 3 sponsor meetings and 8 workshops in a small group, conducted over 6 months. Usually each group consists of 4 participants sourced from different organisations.

Emerging Leader Influence Coaching



The Emerging Leader Influence Coaching is a 4 month Coaching process which provides support for an emerging leader or emerging executive facing specific challenges over the next few months 


Emerging Leader Influence Coaching involves 2 sponsor meetings and 4 coaching sessions, conducted over 4 months.  Coaching sessions range from 1.5-2.5 hours.

This can be tailored or extended to suit your needs.

Influencing Skills Workshop Series



The Influencing Skills Workshop Series involves 3 half day workshops over 6 weeks for an internal group.


By applying the same theory and tools as the premium coaching products, this workshop series also provides Action Learning to assist participants use the approach in the workplace.

Influencing & Communications Workshop



The half day Influence and Communication Workshop is offered for internal groups of up to 20 participants. It provides an introduction to effective communications and influencing skills. It also introduces the tools in a way which can be used in the workplace. 


The Influencing & Communications Workshop consists of a half day workshop for groups of up to 20 staff from your organisation.

Course Elements


To read further on PoI Course elements such as Sponsorship Meetings, Workshops, Toolbox and Venue, Click here...

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