Influence Mastery 
  • Renowned Influencing skills course

  • Small Group Format

  • Impacts self awareness

  • Improves communication and influencing technique

  • Supportive and safe development environment

  • Achieves measurable outcomes in conjunction with the workplace

The Influence Mastery course provides accelerated learning for key staff including; established and emerging leaders, junior through to experienced managers, technical managers/leaders, high potential individuals, change and project managers. The Influence Mastery is designed to provide the best possible development environment for participants who want to improve their influencing communication skills.

What is involved?     

The Influence Mastery course is a development program dedicated to the improvement of individual communication skills via expert instruction and a supportive group environment.   Each Influence Mastery group consists of 3 to 5 (usually 4) participants drawn from separate employer organisations, the course supports individual communications development within a positive small group environment. 

Sponsor Meetings

Sponsor meetings involve the course Participant, their employer's representative Sponsor and the PoI course leader. Sponsor meetings are intended to assist with establishing, monitoring and reviewing the agreed outcomes of the course.  They are organised before, during and at the completion of the course.   Sponsor meetings are typically an hour in duration. 


The PoI Influence Mastery course workshop provides a confidential and non-competitive environment in which to learn, practice, discuss and receive feedback on new influencing strategies, tactics and skills.

Participants are led through the course content learning new communication techniques, then practicing these methods within group meetings and receiving feedback from the course Instructor and other participants before applying these new skills at their workplace.

Workshop content combines 

  • influencing style self analysis

  • explanation of influencing theory and tools 

  • rehearsal of upcoming influencing event opportunities

  • candid feedback on observed influencing behaviour from both development and leader and peers. 

Workshop meetings are scheduled to allow the necessary time to practice and apply new communication skills through workplace events and engagement opportunities.  Course participants then have the opportunity to report back to the group, give and receive feedback as required. 

The Influence Mastery course workshops usually operate with 4 participants per group although this can vary from 3 through to 5 participants on occasion.  Workshop times are scheduled to suit participant's requirements including fixed commitments, travel and leave.  Each takes approximately 3.5 hours.

Course Toolbox
Tools used include:

• Influencing Model, ‘Always focused on the issue’

• Persuasion Checklist

• PoI CMSI self-assessment

• Active Listening Checklist 

• other tools as required to assist in specific situations

• Language & Behaviour profiling insights

For examples from these tools, simply make use of our Contact Us form


Workshops are held on-site at client premises and at the PoI office in the Queens Rd/Bowen Cres precinct.   

4 months


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