Emerging Leader Influence Coaching
  • Leadership Influencing skills Coaching program

  • Focussed 'One with One' format

  • Full Influencing toolbox compliment 

  • Supportive and safe development environment

  • Achieves measurable outcomes

  • Aligned with relevant workplace events/opportunities 

The Emerging Leader Influence Coaching provides a specifc one on one learning program in effective communication for those individuals facing significant professional and or managment challenges in the near future.  Typical roles for such a course include; junior through to experienced managers, technical managers/leaders, high potential individuals, change and project managers.   The Influence Focus Coaching course is designed to provide the best possible development environment for participants who want to improve, apply targeted communication skills.

What is Involved?

The Emerging Leader Influence Coaching program is a 4 month Coaching process which provides support for an emerging leader or emerging executive and can be coordinated where the individual has specific challenges scheduled in the short term. 

Influence Focus Coaching involves at least 2 sponsor meetings and 4 – 6 coaching sessions, conducted over 4 months.  Coaching sessions range from 1.5-2.5 hours.    This can be tailored or extended to suit your needs.



Sponsor meetings

Sponsor meetings are held with the participant and coach at the beginning and end of the process to understand the work context, agree the area of focus and reinforce the transition of new behaviour into the work place.  Sponsor meetings are typically 1 hour duration.

Coaching Sessions
Coaching sessions are conducted with the Emerging Leader and the Coach and are typically 1.5 – 2.5 hours duration. They provide a confidential and non-competitive environment in which to plan new influencing strategies and prepare for upcoming workplace events.
Coaching session typically include:

•  assessment of current capabilities & communication style

●  setting of goals and objectives

●  influencing style self-analysis

•  explanation of influencing skills theory and tools

•  preparation and coaching for upcoming influencing events

Coaching session times are scheduled to suit participants requirements, including fixed commitments, travel and leave.


The Influencing & Communications Workshop typically includes:

● an Influencing Model

● the Persuasion Checklist used to prepare for influencing situations 

● the Active Listening Checklist 

● Language & Behaviour profiling insights

Coaching session are offered both on-site at client premises or offsite at a mutually agreed venue.

Emerging Leader Influence Coaching

Initial meeting including setting of course goals and objectives 

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